Our Mission

To work with new authors through the entire publishing process, from story design, to layout, to cover design, to printing, in either paper or digital, until the writer's vision and voice have been shared with an eager world.


Want a good read? Try this very funny, well-written, unputable-downable, let's have some more!

- K. Renshaw, Thailand
on All-American Kidd

A collection that ensnares the senses!

- E. Rielly, Maine
on The Last Leaf Decides

Laugh-out-loud funny. You'll definitely enjoy the ride!

- K. Chavonelle, Maine,
on All-American Kidd

A treasure chest of Robert Henry Poulin's poetry.

- M. Olson, New Mexico
on The Last Leaf Decides

This book is fantastic. You may not look at a lollipop the same way again.

- K. Iantosca, Mass.
on All-American Kidd


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